Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What They Did While They Were Here - Part Two!

It was a whirlwind for sure, trying to get as many things done as we could, but not running ourselves ragged.  Courtney had five finals the following week, so she disciplined herself to getting some studying done............when she could!

We all went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Magaly's!

Since Thanksgiving was also Jonathan's 20th birthday, we celebrated by giving
him some special cards and gifts!

A high priority for both Courtney and Jonathan was to see my parents
now that they are in Tucson.  Courtney got to see them in August , but Jonathan? 
It had been a very long time.

I had to be in Tucson the following week for a doctor's appointment for Isaac, and Jonathan met 
us at Wendy's for lunch - two days before he had to leave for Germany!

So, let's see..............what else did we do?
We watched Joe chop down a dying tree.  Courtney looks like she is giving Joe
some adult-daughter-advice!!

She hid from us when we tried to take her picture - can you believe it!!

We went to church...........yes, it was very bright!

We put up the Christmas tree.......

We fed Courtney her favorite meals......

We took more pictures........

And then, all too soon, it was time for her to go.............

What a joyous visit that was, Courtney, and you did your mama's heart good.
Thanks so much for making the effort to come!

Now back to Jonathan, whose time was running out also!
He and Joe did manage to get a short airplane ride in before he left.  I was pregnant
with Jonathan when Joe built the RV-4, and it was a race to see which would be "done"
first............the baby or the airplane!!  

Jonathan was born first.

Well, that about does it!  What a whirlwind of adventure and great times!

It was so great to see both Jonathan and Courtney, and Joe
and I have lots of wonderful memories to see us through!

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  1. That soft green looks so pretty on Courtney. It's fun to see all these pictures of your family together. :)