Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Has It Really Been Five Years?

Has it really been five years that we saw this handsome face for the first time?

As we celebrate Five-Years-Home today, Joshua was so anxious to 
look in his China tub.

Oh ...... the smell of mothballs that still linger on the FIVE LAYERS of clothing
that he came to us in.  Remember Courtney?

We arrived in Wuhan a day late due to airplane troubles, so we had our own
private meeting with the nanny and the orphanage director.

Poor Joshua was not a happy little boy at all.  The tears, the sobs, the
total fear of the strange people that were trying to take him.

But by afternoon after a good bath and a fresh change of clothes the smiles were forthcoming!

He loved Courtney from the beginning!


Have fun reminiscing little man.......we are so glad you are part of our family!