Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rachel's Nursing Graduation !

Actually, it's called a Capping Ceremony!

Yes!  We had two graduations this past spring!
What a joy it was to see this daughter
of ours become an RN!

She worked so hard and went through some
incredibly challenging times (including
an emergency C-Section three days before classes started this
time last year).
Now that's perseverance!

The ceremony was lovely, with such encouragement from the nursing
instructors.  Their love and support was so apparent as they talked about
the role of a nurse and these young people's futures.

The LPNs were recognized first, then the RNs.

I was in the back with Elenna in the stroller, so the majority
of these photos were taken by Joe, the very proud dad!!

The gathering of students before they walked down toward the stage.

The next big hurdle was for Rachel to pass the state boards.....which she did.
Then she worked hard at applying for a job......which she got.

And here she is now, a cardiac nurse at Tucson Medical Center!!

First day of work!

We are so proud of you!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Cross at Groom, Texas

We left Hot Springs, Arkansas, and headed west - very much looking forward to getting back home!

As we were driving on Interstate 40, east of Amarillo, we noticed a very large cross
off to the side of the road far into the distance........that just got bigger and bigger!

We decided to stop, stretch our legs, and hopefully use the bathroom.
Wow, were we in for a delightful treat, and ended up spending two hours at this beautiful site.

The cross is 19 stories tall and can be seen for 20 miles.  The land was donated, but the cross, monuments, and gift shop was all constructed by the personal funds of a wealthy Texas couple
who look at this as a personal ministry.  

We went around to all the Stations of the Cross, the Last Supper, and the Empty Tomb.
The last supper shows only six figures.  They wait until donations come in to order the remaining
ones - at $25,000 a statue.

We thought it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.  We enjoyed spending time in their
gift shop, and even purchased a picture to bring back home.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you ever head this way, it's most definitely worth a stop!

A tribute to the millions of innocent babies that have been aborted.

The Last Supper - unfinished.

A few of the Stations of the Cross

Absolutely beautiful.

John 4:14
"But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.
But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of 
water springing up into everlasting life."


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hot Springs, Arkansas !

Monday morning, May 2, Courtney was back at work and we were beginning the long jaunt back home.  We had such a marvelous time in Huntsville, but after the graduation we 
all headed back......Jonathan back down to Fort Rucker in Dothan, Alabama, the Doughty 
family to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and for us the long trip back home.

We broke up the daunting 1,200 mile trip back to our little corner of paradise by 
following the Doughtys to Hot Springs for  two days.  
What better way to break up the miles but to have continued fellowship with great friends!

This was our view the entire way going - and coming - once we were east of Dallas.
I personally find it rather claustrophobic!!  I love the wide open spaces!

After a full day of driving, we threw together all of our leftovers from both RV's for our dinner.
We enjoyed the beautiful, lush greenery - they had had six, yes SIX inches of
rain during the long weekend they had traveled to Huntsville!
That's about half of our yearly rainfall in Arizona!

We were all tired and weary, but I can't help but post this picture.  Too funny!

Mr. Doughty and Isaac enjoying a pinball game.

This was a different sort of pinball machine and Joshua certainly had fun playing with it!

The next morning, Nancy and I took some time to see the sights of Hot Springs.
It was very interesting to learn about the healing baths that this town 
is so well know for.

Bathhouse Row

Nancy drove us up to a picnic spot up in the tallest mountain in the area that overlooks
Hot Springs.  It was a beautiful place to have a picnic lunch and to just relax.

............and to attempt to take a selfie!  Ha Ha!!

The boys, and Amanda, had some much needed run-around time while we were gone!
They definitely needed to get the wiggles out!

Joe and Rick put together the new swing-set while we were gone!
A great success!

Thanks Doughty Family for letting us take a driving break  at your beautiful home!