Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

Last Thursday we went to the local you-pick-it (which just happens to be about three minutes from our house) and visited their pumpkin patch.  We have been part of a local homeschool group this fall, so we joined up with them for this fun time.

Isaac and Joshua had fun playing in the "corn box" until everyone had arrived!

One of the big highlights at Apple Annie's is the monstrous corn maze that they offer each year.  I was a little concerned about all these kids madly running through 15  acres of corn and the parents, just as madly, chasing after them!

Fortunately, for school trips they offer a very small part of the maze and the children have to answer questions as they go along to know whether they need to go left or right.  Believe me, I was turned around quite a bit in this - can't imagine doing the whole thing!

Before we went through the maze there was a short discussion on the habitat of the area.. The children asked some good questions, but learning that the FDA allows a certain amount of "bug particles" in foods that we eat was......gross.

Consultation on which way to go!

After the maze, Farmer John met us with the wagon and took us to the pumpkin patch.  We had
 to go by many of the vegetable patches that are still producing.

The boys picked out great pumpkins - they look happy with themselves, don't they?

We drove by the sunflower garden on our way back to the parking lot.

All in all, it was a great afternoon of fun!