Saturday, April 29, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mom, What Is This?

We were at Walmart the other evening, after a long day in Tucson.
We had stopped to get a few things, and then Joe decided to buy healthy ice cream bars.

So we sat on the benches outside the entrance, right next to this old relic,
which captured the boys' attention right away.

They knew it was a phone, but had no concept of how it worked.

So I had to explain to them that there was life  BEFORE  cell phones, and 
we had to put dimes, then quarters into the phone to talk.

Isaac and Joshua thought it was fascinating and had to try it out!

Hmmmm......wasn't that many years ago that I didn't have a cell phone,
and kept a stash of quarters in my purse just for this purpose.

Time marches on!

Walking Down the Country Lane

We enjoy taking walks down the country road to the north of us.
Miss Elenna looks like she is enjoying it, too!

Our neighbors have horses off and on, and it's always nice to stop by and say hi when 
they are close to the fence line.

So quiet and peaceful......and beautiful scenery.

Joe and I have such fond memories of turning back towards home and seeing
Jonathan riding out to meet us - on horseback or muleback!

Great days and great memories!

Easter 2017

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Joe was asked to participate in the Methodist Church's annual 
"Living Last Supper" that they do every so often on Maundy Thursday.

The actors all dress and pose according to Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting.

It was really a very moving drama, as each disciple "comes out of the painting" to talk 
about his relationship with Jesus, and to answer the question, "Is it I?", in regards
to who will betray Him.

Joe played the part of Nathaniel, and did a marvelous job.

Here are the disciples coming in to be seated at the table.

"James the Lesser" just had knee surgery so needed to be helped to his seat,

On Good Friday we did our traditional Christian Seder meal, which  points to
Christ throughout the entire Passover meal.

We also watch "Joseph, King of Dreams", and "Prince of Egypt" during
holy week, which are two of our favorites.

Yes, we do color Easter eggs as preparation for our Passover meal, and the boys 
still enjoy doing that!

It was a wonderful Easter Day, and we attended  a community church service held early
in the park, and put on by eight churches.
It is a wonderful blessing to all come together to worship the risen Savior!

We then had a brunch at our church followed by a tremendous message.

Remember what Jesus John 14:6

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life Skills with Teacher Joe - aka Dad

Joe and I are SO incredibly opposite in many ways......okay, so in most ways.

When it comes to homeschooling, I make sure all the basics are covered, with
a nice supplement of elective type subjects, especially as the children get older.

Joe supports me in that 100%, but his battle cry is:


So between the two of us, our children have, and still are, getting a very well-rounded
education.  And seeing how handy the older four are at all of these annuity skills,
I guess Joe is right!

Teacher Joe believes in beginning early, and nothing is too hard......or dangerous.

They have started working hard at the apartments.

They also do vehicle maintenance.  This event was changing the shocks.

Isaac and Joshua seem to think this is all great fun - getting filthy, greasy, and laying in the dirt.

Elenna was visiting and decided to hang out on the porch....and watch.

The latest event was sealing the joint where the porch roof meets the roof line.
They love going up on the roof and giving me heart failure......

It's a good thing these boys have both of us.
I predict they will be very successful adults!

Building a Terrarium

One of the gifts that Isaac got for his birthday is a 
build-your-own-terrarium kit.

Science at its best.
Now if we could only get the seeds to grow.

Isaac: Son of Promise and Laughter


How can this be?  We were just in China bringing home this precious
two year old.

Our could-be-vegetarian......the only child of six who has ever
requested beets for his birthday dinner.

Brothers, and great friends..........

Ah yes, Joshua bought handcuffs for his brother out of
his own money. Much could be said about this.......

The love of Adventures in Odyssey continues.  Both boys love listening
to all of these episodes!

We love you, Isaac Christian Krause.  Keep us all laughing.

28 Years!

Joe and I celebrated 28 years of marriage back in March. 
 I am obviously very behind on my posts!

Rachel was very gracious to watch the boys for us, and Joe and I
enjoyed a nice weekend in Tucson.

We didn't do anything spectacular, just errands, nice meals out, and being able
to talk by ourselves.
Twenty-eight, that's a lot of history between the two of us!

One nice thing we did while we were out is to get my wedding ring fixed.
Two of my Mother's Stones had fallen out - when, I have no idea.
Also, the ring my parents gave to me at high school graduation (yes, I STILL have it after all
these years!) was needing the band fixed as it was wearing very thin and I was so
afraid it would crack in two and I would lose that beautiful ring.

Two weeks, they said, and Joe would pick them both up when they were ready.

One Sunday, several weeks later, we met Rachel and Elenna at our favorite Mexican
restaurant.  After the meal we took some pictures......
and then Joe got down on one knee and presented me with both rings!

It is almost impossible to surprise me, but he certainly got me on this one!
He had already told me that he had been so swamped at work that he hadn't had
time to pick them up.  I believed him.

I am blessed beyond measure with this husband of mine.  God brought him to me all the 
way from Nebraska in most unusual circumstances.
Our life together has not been perfect, and we have had our share of trials, but
with Christ at the center, we have each other's best interests at heart.  We have
had many joys throughout our marriage, and they are made all the better
when we share them together!

Here's to another twenty-eight!