Friday, July 25, 2014

Can't Forget My First Born!!

Rachel has been on the blog quite a bit lately because..................well, she's getting married for goodness sakes!!!  That entails all sorts of exciting things that need to be remembered for posterity.

And Jonathan has appeared - because, my goodness, he is across the world in Germany serving in the US Army!  He told me he had upcoming trips to Rome, and possibly Dublin.  Very exciting times for him!

David just finished up a month of summer camp, so there will be all sorts of photos to share of him and his adventures in the coming weeks!

The little boys are on my blog, most of the time, because they are so cute and do such fun things.  Isaac informed me the other day when we were moving some of Rachel's things, that when he was older he wanted to live at The Forum - and on the fourth floor!!  That is the retirement community where my parents live!

So there's my first born, Courtney, who I think was feeling a teensy-weensy bit overlooked in the blog world!! So here's to you, my precious girl - your very own blog entry!!


Courtney is working very hard this summer, both as a summer RA in one of the dorms and also with her internship.  But it is a more relaxed schedule without all the stress and busyness of classes added on top of all that.  Several weeks ago, she and her boyfriend, Mark, went on a road trip to Pennsylvania for a family reunion for his family.

They drove right through North Carolina, and made prior arrangements to see Joe's mom, Janet, who lives not too far away from where they were passing through.  So what a wonderful time for Courtney and her grandma to have a meal together and just love on each other - it had been too long since they had seen each other!

She also planted a garden this year. This is the girl who rarely came outside to do the "work"  of the garden -   The weeding, watering, etc.  She much preferred to stay inside and oversee the canning of the veggies.

She's always been a choc-a-holic like the rest of us......but I do think I need to have a mother-daughter talk with her when she comes in August.........

She's had quite a few adventures and made many great friends.

She has her own car now, so she gads about all over the place!

**sigh**.......she's all grown up, and we miss her shining face around our house.

And in my mind, she will always be about ten years old.  Can't wait to see you my darling daughter!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rachel and David's New Digs!

Wow.....with the wedding a mere three weeks away, it is time to start relocating some of Rachel's things. My parents moved to Tucson recently, and with their downsizing they were not able to use all of their furniture. They were hoping that the grandchildren would be blessed by some of it........and they are! We used Joe's truck to get the bedroom set all set up in the new apartment!  Exciting times!!!

We all piled in and enjoyed the drive to their apartment.  They will be living about an hour and a half away, so this was a good opportunity to load winter clothes, shower gifts, and other items that need to get moved!

Does this girl look excited or what? !!!!!

Going up the stairs with large pieces of furniture was challenging.......and there was
 Isaac, always ready to help!

The finished product!  It looked so lovely with the new comforter that someone gave them at
 one of the showers!

The apartment complex was very nicely landscaped.

The best thing about this apartment complex is that it is close to the nursing college for Rachel, and about the same distance to David's new job!  You guys will do great here!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Showers of Blessings - Part 2

After Saturday's lovely wedding shower, Rachel and David were blessed by another shower by Cornerstone Bible Church, the church our family has attended for at least eight years now!  The shower, and fellowship meal, followed the church service, and it was a lovely time for all!

Once again, everyone was so generous and blessed Rachel and David with many nice things!

Pastor Addleman and his wife, Angela, interviewed the couple before opening gifts and asked them many questions about their relationship, how they met, parameters they set, goals for their future, etc.  Rachel and David handled it all very well!

Mrs. Caballero put together a cookbook with delicious recipes from the ladies of the church!

And David was so thrilled that the Hathaway family blessed him with tools that he wanted!

Mrs. Ormand and two did a fabulous job of cutting and serving the cake!

Thank you so much Cornerstone for making this such a special afternoon for the "almost-newlyweds"!  And Pastor Addleman and Angela, your advice and input into their young lives has been invaluable!  Thank you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Showers of Blessings - Part 1

This was wedding shower weekend for Rachel!  On Saturday, we attended a very lovely shower put on by Calvary Chapel - this is the small church that Rachel attends on Sunday mornings to participate on the worship team.  All of the ladies were delightful and she received so many wonderful gifts! We all met at a restaurant and had a delicious brunch as part of the shower.  Enjoy the pictures!

This is David's mom, Rosella, by the other gift table.............

.......... and his sister, Liz!

One of the ladies had a jar, filled with wooden spoons.  Everyone was given one and we were to write "advice for the bride" on it as we enjoyed our brunch. Rachel read them all out loud when everyone was done.  Good advice and lots of laughs!

It was so fun to enjoy this special time with my daughter.......can hardly believe my little girl is getting married!

There were so many gifts to open and Rachel was so excited to receive all these lovely things to start out married life with!  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the beautiful cake!

What a large pile of gifts!  Everyone was so helpful and carried out gifts to the parking lot and helped Rachel load them up!

It was a wonderful time  - thank you so much ladies of CCOS!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rachel's Last Day at Starbucks!

This being Rachel's last day at Starbucks, we decided to stop by this afternoon and be paying customers.  I haven't been to Starbucks since we were in China during Joshua's adoption back in 2011.  Not a big fan of coffee here at all..............., but Rachel told me I would LOVE this drink that she recommended - and she was right!  It was a Cookie Crumble Something and was most delicious.  As expensive as they are, I can't imagine stopping by there several times a week like some people do.  Give me a Diet Mountain Dew any day.

And since there was more than would fit in the cup, the boys got to sample the extra.

We sat there for awhile and admired Rachel as she dealt with customers.  She came by with a few samples that, of course, we had to try.  Dinner at Starbucks for me!

We are experiencing quite a few "lasts" around here with Rachel.  The wedding is 27 days away.  She and David have their new apartment and next week she will be packing some things up to get moved ahead of the wedding.  Invitations are out, showers are scheduled, and the reality of this wedding is really hitting home!  She and David are going to do fine, I'm sure, but we certainly are going to miss her around here!