Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farm Life

The boys had fun helping Joe this afternoon in preparing the well for cold(er) weather!

Willie, the dog, likes to hang around his people!

But the big excitement was the burning of tumbleweeds!
Some people shovel snow (which we did for years), but here in Arizona
we burn the tumbleweeds that accumulate around the fences during the fall.

It's very dramatic and exciting!
We rake them into a big pile and then Joe uses the Red Dragon to set it
all ablaze!

As the sun began to set, the flames were more vibrant - the boys thought
it was all great fun!

We didn't get them all burned by any means, but
we certainly got a a good start!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rex Allen Days - 2016

This is Rex Allen.
I had never even heard of him until we moved to Willcox, but he is our
small town's claim to fame.  Known as "The Singing Cowboy", his name
is well known throughout southern Arizona for his western movies.

Every fall, we have a three day celebration in honor of this home-grown celebrity

Saturday morning's parade was a big hit as always!

Isaac and Joshua anxiously await more candy thrown their way!

Okay, so after a pretty bad selfie attempt, we went across town to Keiler Park
for the vendors and carnival!

Joe and Joshua chose to go on this twirling cup ride!

Isaac and I went on the Ferris Wheel - yes, that's us at the top in the yellow basket!

And here is the Ferris Wheel all lit up at night!
(Courtesy of Brent Hall Photography, Willcox, AZ)

This morning we attended church in the park!
It was sponsored by two local churches and was wonderful.
The worship time was fabulous!

So all in all, we had a busy........and sunburned (for me!) weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Joy of Being One!

Little Miss Elenna is officially one year old!  
This is so hard to believe, but considering our oldest is almost 26 I should be used
to time flying by!

Isn't she just the cutest baby girl?!!

Elenna came through in fine shape for the obligatory birthday cake photos!

This little girl is loved so very much.
We enjoyed having her out at the farm last weekend!

Elenna surely does love her grandpa!

The uncles are pretty crazy about their niece!

Love!  Love!  Love!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer Wrap-Up!

My blogging efforts have gone by the wayside this past year, so I am going to try to
 madly catch up and then......stay on track!
We went to a wonderful family reunion back in June, but that will be another post
all by itself.

So here goes.
Summer 2016

My dear friend, Beth, and I met in Tucson again for our yearly getaway at the
 Westin La Paloma Resort.
It was so nice to gab, watch movies, and reminisce about the old days!!

A neighbor moving cattle from one field to another.

Little Miss Elenna's first Fourth of July!

The Benson parade......

The firemen's tug-of-war.....

Hot and sweaty - and wet - boys!

and another one of Elenna, because she is so cute.....

David's become a Jayhawk fan.....much to my delight!

Rachel took Elenna to the pool several times this summer and she loved it!

Isaac and Joshua learned new skills with Dad....

Vacation Bible School at one of the local churches....

Lunch out together before school starts.......

It was a crazy, busy summer for sure!

I am continually and amazed - and thankful - for the beauty that surrounds our home.
It's truly our little piece of paradise.