Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Walk Down Our Country Lane

Here in Arizona, we are coming into a most lovely time of year.  
Cool nippy nights, but moderately warm days.

I love this part of Arizona!  Four moderate seasons, gorgeous skies and mountains, and low humidity.

The boys and I took a nice walk the other day and enjoyed the lovely scenery.

This is Cocoa, mother of fifteen - seven best we can tell.
I never liked cats at all until we started having them for mouse patrol.
Cocoa is more like a dog, following us everywhere.  And the best part?


The bell we brought all the way from Nebraska!

Muscle man Isaac loads up the cat food!

After a quick trip out to the garden, Joshua's shirt holds tonight's dinner tomatoes!

Well, that's a short recap of our afternoon walk the other day.

I feel so blessed to have this view to the north and to enjoy God's wonderful creation!
So peaceful!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life is Crazy These Days.........

I thought life was so incredibly busy when I had all six children at home.  
What on earth was I thinking?  With just the youngest three, PLUS a new granddaughter, life is moving at an alarming pace!  

This post has no specific theme - just the randomness of our lives!!

At this particular time, my schedule revolves around Her Royal Majesty,
Miss Elenna!  I have committed to help Rachel out with babysitting so that she can successfully
finish her last year of nursing school.'s SO FUN!!!!!

The boys have been taken out of their comfort zone by doing school on the road!
It's been good for them, and they are doing pretty well at it so far.

Rachel's a great mom and she and David are certainly enjoying being
new parents.

Yes, you're seeing correctly - Elenna has had her first pedicure!

Grandpa Krause came to visit for the morning and enjoyed the little bundle!!!
He says our children were never that small.

We had another weekend visit to the lake a few weeks back with some friends, which was relaxing for Joe and  the boys.  Me?  Not so much.  But the weather was nice and it was fun watching them, and  visiting with the other ladies.

This is the view that greeted us as we arrived at the designated spot.......

Then........this happened.  Not just a blowout, but a "shred-out".  There was nothing
left of this tire on our travel trailer.  But fortunately, Joe - the ultimate "always prepared
boy scout" had a spare!

Isaac is a WILD MAN!!!!
Boy, did he love going on the jet ski with Joe!

Now for a bit of an update on David, who is a Junior this year.
He opted to do Cross Country this fall, and even made it into the newspaper!

He is also participating in the Future Soldier Program.  He's a bit early for that because you have
to be 17, but the recruiter was nice enough to let him join in the weekly activities.
He's ready to join the Army any day now, so this helps him keep his focus until he can!

We were all ready for the Super Blood Moon Eclipse.  
Joe was cooking on the grill at the time, so we all just enjoyed the beautiful
view to the east.

So that's what's been happening in our neck of the woods these days.
Whew.......I'm glad I got caught up.

I'll leave you with one more photo of the little princess.