Monday, December 8, 2014

What They Did When They Were Here.........Part One!

We had some busy times, especially in the short time that Courtney was here.  Jonathan spent a lot of time in Tucson, so we did not see him as much.  But here is an overview of some of the fun that they had!


Joe, Jonathan, and David  had an adventure at Lake Pleasant, the same lake that our whole family visited a month or so back.  BUT.......and this is a big BUT........this time it was all men.  No ladies or small children allowed. The ladies just sent lots of food.  Hmmmmm.  Lots of speed.  Lots of good food. Lots of competition.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted.  And a teensy bit too cold for most normal people!!!! The second day was sunny and warmer so that made it more pleasant for everyone.

Yep, time to hit the bathroom one more time before heading north to Phoenix!

Mr. McHolm goes over instructions and lake rules before anyone gets on the jet skis.

Jonathan and Tyler battle it out!

  David took the time to help young David Cameron to get on the inner tube - well done David Krause!

The two Mr. Camerons!

Joe gets ready for water skiing.  Don't the jet skis look like circling sharks?
Be on your guard, Joe!

He's up and being pursued!
(Doesn't it look cold here?  But real men don't complain, right?)

Mr. Cameron tops it off by going on one ski!

And even though no one ever admitted to being even the least bit chilly, I
think they all had a really great time!

Mr. McHolm and his son, Matt.
Thanks for making this such a fun getaway for all the young and "older" men!

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  1. Thanks for posting great times with family and friends!