Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fourth Annual Girls' Weekend!

June 3-5, 2017

I think Beth and I were looking forward to this year's get together more
than in the past!  We were both so ready to just get away from all of the cares
and stresses of life!
We enjoyed watching movies, talking, and just totally relaxing!

As usual, we went to the La Paloma Resort, and oh my, it was as
beautiful as ever!

This was the view that greeted us every morning as we went down 
for breakfast!

The grounds are so lovely, and we enjoyed our walks.

Beth and I have been friends since we were 15 - we met in French class!
Many of my high school and college friends have come and gone, but
Beth and I have remained close for all these years.

This is the two of us when we were in our late 20's and we thought we were
ultra-cool.  We were excited to see what excitement was in store for our lives!
That was my little dog, Thistle, between us.

So here is our selfie for this year.

 Man, between bifocals and short arms, it's getting harder to take
these pictures of ourselves!  Ha Ha!!

Here's to next year, Beth!  I'm already making a list of movies for us
to watch.  I so appreciate your friendship, your prayers, and your support!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jonathan - Life After the Army!

He's Back!

After four years in the Army, he has decided to pursue another course.
He is an Air Traffic Controller, and still wants to continue in that line of work,
but as a civilian now!

We were all so glad to see him!

He was very anxious to get started on the total remodeling project of his condo!

When he was with us on the farm, he had fun riding the dirt bikes with Joe!

He even took the tractor out for a spin, for old times' sake!

I can't get over how much Jonathan looks like my dad when he was younger.....

We are all so very glad to have Jonathan back on Arizona soil!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Another Year of AWANA is Completed!

The past year in AWANA has flown by!
Isaac and Joshua earned every award possible for Sparks!

Well done, boys!

Next fall, it's on to Truth and Training!

David - 18 Years Old and a High School Graduate!

May 6, 2017
David turns 18 years old!

We celebrated David turning 18 by having a great meal at
Big Tex BBQ here in town.

Then......., several weeks later on May 26 we celebrated
his high school graduation.

What an accomplishment!

An added bonus was that Jonathan was back in town for the big day!

Congratulations, David!
We are proud of your accomplishment!

Joshua Turns Nine!

Whew!  We have an alarming number of birthdays within a 30-day period!

Now it's Joshua's turn!
May 1st is his special day and he enjoyed being the center of attention!

Isaac was very excited for Joshua to open his gift.......

Water Wands !

Happy Birthday, young man!
You are such a special part of our family!

Celebrating Rachel!

Rachel's number one request for her 24th birthday was to go out for Chinese food!
After we all stuffed ourselves, we attempted some photos outside.

After that, we headed back to Rachel's apartment for cards and gifts.

Happy 24th Birthday, Rachel!
You are very much loved!