Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Eve Day - and a Glorious Surprise!

Our family has always hosted a Thanksgiving event, reaching out to any that we might know that don't have relatives close by and would otherwise be by themselves.  This goes way back to our days in Nebraska!  Over the years it has changed to the day before, Wednesday, to include more people that do have plans on the actual day.  Each year is a bit different, both with the weather and the people that come!  This year was no exception!

We were planning on 43 of us altogether, and I was praying for glorious weather - with no wind - so many could enjoy being outside!  This time of year can be tricky!  Either it's beautiful and warm or very nippy, gray, and windy.

The Lord graciously gave us a beautiful day and I was madly getting last minute things ready before all of our guests showed up.  Rachel was planning on being here around 10:00.  A little before 10:00 Rachel called Joe and told him that she had a major flat tire just outside of our - very long - driveway, and she was afraid to drive the car any further.  So Joe and the little boys trekked out, ready to help a damsel in distress.

Five minutes later Joe called me and told me that "I had to come look at this tire!"  Now, I have seen many flat tires over the years, and I really didn't have time to go out and look at it, but at Joe's insistence, David and I went.  Rachel met us at the end of the driveway, and I quizzed her about which tire it was, how thankful I was that she made it to the house before the flat, etc. As we approached her car, my whole focus was directed towards the tires, trying to figure out what had happened.

THEN............................................much to my shock and amazement, COURTNEY JUMPED OUT FROM BEHIND THE CAR AND YELLED, "SURPRISE!!!!!!!"  I was absolutely dumfounded!  I was completely shocked and surprised!  These two girls really pulled off a good one.  Joe and I had talked to Courtney earlier about coming, since Jonathan would be home on leave, but with her short vacation, work schedule, and intensive finals beginning the week after, she just couldn't do it.  But that little stinker had this all worked out with Rachel - Courtney flew in Tuesday night, and Rachel and David picked her up at the airport and she spent the night with them.  Courtney really enjoyed getting to know David and seeing their apartment.

Obviously, I look half-brain-dead here..........I was so stunned!  I had texted Courtney the night before, telling her how much we would miss her, etc., and it turns out she was in the Dallas airport during that whole online conversation!

What an unbelievable gift to have EVERYONE together this Thanksgiving!  Thank you so much Courtney and Rachel for your help in this wonderful blessing!

Jonathan was very surprised to see Courtney because she had told him that she was too busy and her work schedule wouldn't allow it!

Next up - the actual feast!


  1. I'm the worst at keeping happy secrets. I could never have pulled that one off. Good job, MissCourtneyK. :)

  2. Wow!!!!!! So happy that you got to have everyone out for the occasion! The photo of you and Courtney was so funny!
    Amanda D.