Thursday, October 24, 2013

In the Newspaper!

Well, look who made it into the local newspaper!  That's David, there on the left, looking sharp in his red football tie that he has to wear before every football game.  A string quartet from the Phoenix Symphony came down our way and did a little performance and instruction for the high school orchestra students. David said it was boring..............but hey, it got him on the front page!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Visit to Apple Annie's!

We live in a valley that yields really, really good produce!  No, it doesn't rain much at all, but if you give crops the water they need, the result is spectacular.  There are a number of "you-pick-it" farms around here and people drive from far and near to pick apples, pears, peaches, veggies, and pumpkins........and the best sweet corn you have ever tasted!  One of the most popular farms is "Apple Annie's" which is about two miles from our house. They actually have two locations - one for the orchard and the other is for vegetables. We live right in between the two!  The boys and I stopped there the other day on the way home from the library to pick some apples.

First we get a wagon and a picking pole.

Then we headed down the path toward the Rome Beauties.

Not a very flattering picture, but yes............we had to sample a few!

Measuring Joshua..............

and Isaac!

And we ended our day with a visit to the kitchen to buy some apple doughnuts - sorry, no pictures............................they got eaten too quickly!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Kittens and Roses

October is one of my favorite months in Arizona.  The intense heat is gone, the nights are chilly, but the days are still mild.  We are in that stage of change-your-clothes-three-times-a-day!

After moving back to the farm, one of the big requests from Isaac and Joshua was to get kittens again.  Well, Rachel came through for of the nurses at the hospital mentioned that she needed to get rid of kittens, so Rachel snatched them up for us.  We started with four, but one ran off and we can't find him/her anywhere!  So with no further ado.......................

Meet Snowball!

and Shadow!

And Helen #2

When we had cats before, the older children named them all after characters on The Andy Griffith Show.  Helen was one of their favorites and gave us two litters of kitties.  This kitten has the same coloring.  We're not sure Helen is really a girl, but hey.......when you are five and six it doesn't matter!

The nurse that Rachel got the kittens from said they are all boys, so they may not be around very long, but we will enjoy them while they are here!  You will notice that Joshua is not holding them in any pictures!  He thinks they are cute, but does NOT want to hold them - once he saw those razor sharp little claws his decision was made!  And of course, Buffy and Willy (the dogs) are penned up and practically frothing at the mouth seeing these little fur balls run around!

Yes, we have roses in October!

Well, it's time to go check on the kittens!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rex Allen Days Parade 2013!

Rex Allen, also known as the "Singing Cowboy", was from our small town.  So every year on the first weekend in October, we have "Rex Allen Days".  One of the big highlights is the parade, where for an hour, everything from 18 wheelers, tractors, horses, and midget cars, go down the streets of town.  Candy is thrown to all the kids and it is a great time.  This morning was no exception! 

( Rachel stayed home to study for a big test on Monday, and Joe and David were down the street talking with friends.........the boys and I had to be curbside to be ready for all of the no pictures of the others this time! )


We had the high school marching band and cheerleaders,

the mayor,

fancy cars carrying unknown to me, but supposedly famous people!

There were lots and lots of horses!

There were interesting floats,

the DUI Task Force???? 
 I guess when it's a small town parade, anybody can be in it to make it last longer!!

The boys were especially thrilled when the semis came through - they had never been this close to one.  Joshua can't smile too well because his cheeks were bulging with Tootsie Rolls!

And then my personal favorite, the local tomato factory float - it's not everyone who goes to a parade and comes home with a two pound box of cherry tomatoes!  The best ever................!!

Then to finish things off, here come the tractors, very small horses, crazy men driving around in little yellow cars, and a clown.  My, what a parade!