Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Week So Far

We have a very special guest with us this week...............Miss Amanda!  She stayed with us for several days last fall and the boys couldn't wait to have her back!  Check out that post here!

We did some errands yesterday after school was done, and met Rachel, who was also doing errands, for a lunch at Pizza Hut!

In other news, we are really enjoying the lovely weather and the signs of spring.  I wanted to be sure and include this photo of our peach tree blooming for my friend, Holly, in Maryland, who has been buried in snow this winter!

Isaac and Joshua are so upset that AWANA is almost over.  They cannot seem to understand why it doesn't go all year long - because it is so fun!  The leaders and helpers are more than ready for a break.........!!  

This morning's sunrise - breathtakingly beautiful!!

Here is Snowball, our one remaining cat.  He thinks he is a dog and loves to roll over on his back to have his tummy rubbed.  Survival rate out here is rather low, but he hangs out on the porch and is doing well.

Rachel finished her first accelerated Anatomy and Physiology class with a resounding "A" and we are so proud of her!  She continues to work part-time at the hospital, although with flu season being over her work hours are dramatically reduced........gosh, you hate to hope for an epidemic just to get called in for work!

Our family went to see "The Son of God" - in shifts, this week and it was marvelous.  What a great way to start the Easter season preparation.  It was a powerful reminder of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross for all mankind.

This year we are going through "The Lenten Tree", a wonderful devotional for children and adults leading up to Easter.  Great resource......

David is in the throws of playing JV baseball.  I need to get a picture of him in his uniform!

Well, that's our week so far!