Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast With Great Friends!

Now that you know all the behind the scenes activity, I will leave you with great pictures of our food and fellowship.  We enjoy our Cornerstone Bible Church friends!

Kayla, Hannah, Susanna, Grace, Katie, and these young 
ladies have certainly grown up over the years!

The two Jonathans, David, and Jonathan's friend Tyler hanging out on the porch.

Isaac getting training from big brother Jonathan!

Thank you to all the families that brought food - it was so delicious!

Boy, these pictures are not the greatest with everyone on the move.  Plus, our house has so many windows that it is hard to escape the light!

Jonathan, Tyler, David, and Jonathan

Afterwards, a lot of the young people played a VERY competitive game of football, and then later on another group went down to the west end of our property and did skeet shooting,  And then some chose to hang around and just enjoy good fellowship!

Competitive Krauses!!

Annabeth and Isaac had fun playing Operation!

Then everyone came in for dessert!

After dark all of the young people went out and Joe made a bonfire.  Can you believe they devoured three bags of marshmallows after eating all of this food?  Ugh.

But what a glorious day it was with ALL of our family together, and the company of very good friends!  We are truly blessed!


  1. Wish I could have made it! Looks like you guys had a great time :).

  2. Wow, how everyone has grown up now! So glad everyone had a good time. I can't get over how grown up everyone is...they are still like family!
    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving with us!
    Amanda D.
    P.S. Love the green grass! :D