Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Welcoming Baby Nathan!

Another grandchild for the Krause Family!
We are very excited to welcome Nathan David Camarena to the family.
He was born on January 24 and was a tiny little guy, just like his big sister, Elenna!

Rachel was thrilled not to have another c-section!
Can you imagine looking like this after giving birth?  I sure didn't!

Enjoy all the photos!
Remember, I'm a proud grandma!

Joshua ended up not feeling quite so good, so we kept him far away from the baby.
Isaac enjoyed his little fingers!

Little Elenna is going to be a wonderful big sister and a great mother's helper!
So very sweet!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Those Darn Tumbleweeds..............

Remember the post back in mid-December where I highlighted Joe and the boys
burning tumbleweeds along the driveways?

Well, they're back.

We had really, really strong winds from the west yesterday.  When the winds blow,
the tumbleweeds fly......literally.
There were so many piled up against our fencing that they had to be mowed down.

It looks messy, and we run the very real risk of having damage to the wires.

These boys are CHAMPS!  All four of them!
Joe presented the problem this morning, and Isaac and Joshua rose to the occasion to help.
Willie kept them all company.

Looking very good!
They had already worked on the other sides of the corral fencing when I took these!

That's good for now.........until the next big wind comes around!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year Snow - 2019

We started the New Year off in a very unusual way here in southern Arizona!

But yes, we did get more snow on New Year's Eve and into the morning hours 
of the New Year!  It was beautiful and peaceful.

With the low-level clouds covering the mountains it looked as if we were back in Nebraska!

Our little family of "four snow people"!!

We are all looking expectantly to what 2019 will bring!
Especially a grandson............!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

End of the Year Snow!!

It had really started to snow and accumulate as we came home
last night from seeing "Mary Poppins", which was FABULOUS by the way!

Joshua was ready for a snowball fight bright and early this morning!

Isaac, and Willie, coming to meet Joe and me as we return from a short walk!

So beautiful and peaceful, while it lasted!

Fall Basketball

These boys LOVE basketball!
They are already looking at national rankings and wondering who will make it to
March Madness!
The local high school basketball coach offered a fall Saturday basketball 
opportunity  for elementary aged boys
Great practice and a lot of fun!



The boys also had the opportunity to be "Ball Boys" for one of the WHS home games!
Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost to Desert Christian, but it was still a great game!

A great time of fun for sure!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

An Unexpected Weekend With Courtney!

Courtney spent the entire last week in San Diego on business.  She was
supposed to fly back to Huntsville on Saturday, but ended up having to stop over in 
Tucson to attend a meeting with Raytheon.
How wonderful!

We got to have her here with us for the weekend, and then she met with Jonathan
and Rachel Monday night for dinner.
Then back to Huntsville on Tuesday.......whew what a whirlwind!!!

These two younger brothers were beyond excited to have big sister here!

We didn't do much!  I fed her good homecooked meals, we watched Christmas
movies, and went to church!

I'm so glad the older three were able to connect for a dinner in Tucson!

Monday, December 17, 2018

An Afternoon with Rachel and Elenna!

What better place to meet than Costco!!
Eat a meal together that's workable for a three year old, and get shopping done
at the same time!

Miss Elenna certainly does love her two youngest uncles!

It was so good to see these girls again!  Rachel's feeling great, and Baby Nathan is
due to arrive in early February - on my birthday!

Afterwards, we went over to Rachel's church where they were having a
Christmas celebration, complete with all kinds of crafts, a living Nativity, a large
"snowball room", etc. where kids and adults could throw cotton snowballs  for a five
minute interval!  It was a blast!  Snowflakes were coming down from a machine up high, and
it was like a winter wonderland.  It was so dark that my pictures didn't come out very well -
Isaac and Joshua were hard to track down because they were having so much fun!!

Cookie decorating!
The cookie decorating room looked like this..............

......so we went off to the side by ourselves.  It was packed!

It was a fun time as a family!