Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our Time in Buffalo, Texas

We left Dauphin Island and headed west (finally) along the Gulf Coast.
Joe's favorite aunt and uncle have lived in Buffalo, Texas, for the past nineteen years.
This past February, Joe's Uncle Bob passed away from prostate cancer after a long battle.

We were unable to attend the funeral, but made plans to come by on our return trip 
from seeing Courtney in Alabama.
It was a full day's drive, even though we skirted the northeastern part of Houston,
but it was absolutely AWFUL!  Serious traffic and crazy drivers!

It was so good to see Aunt LeeGayle and to catch up.  
She showed us the program from the funeral and a beautiful book that was made
as a tribute to Uncle Bob by their daughter, Lucinda.

We had a lovely spaghetti dinner upon our arrival!

Joe and the boys swept and "leaf blew" her long driveway.

They enjoyed petting the horses on the property.

Joe and the boys had to check out the wheel rims......we had heard a horrible
screeching noise as we were embedded in Houston rush hour traffic.
Joe thought maybe we had picked up a rock along the way, but wanted to make sure
we didn't have a more serious problem.
Fortunately it all looked good!

Joe's cousin Robby came over with his two boys, James and Josh, and we all went
out to the cemetery.
Uncle Bob was a strong believer in Christ, so we all have no doubt whatsoever where he is!

It's a sobering reminder that "It is appointed unto man once to die, and then
comes the judgement."  Hebrews 9:27

"You do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life?  You are
a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."
James 4:14

Isaac and Joshua, and James and Josh have always gotten along so well!
They are all within about six to nine months of each other.

Aunt LeeGayle had a fabulous BBQ rib dinner waiting for us when
we got back.  The boys did chores, riding the Gator around and having fun!

A great time of visiting, reminiscing, and enjoying each other's company!

Thank you Aunt LeeGayle for hosting us!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Courtney Joins Us at the Beach!

Courtney got back from her business trip to San Diego on Friday afternoon.
She made herself go to bed very early so she could get up before dawn to drive south
and meet us for the weekend on the Island!

Couldn't wait to see her again!

GREAT beach times in the sun!

I have to admit that I am very proud of this picture!  After going to Physical Therapy
for four months, twice a week, I was able to walk on the beach without crutches or the dreaded cane.
I didn't go very far, but by gosh........I did it!

Fun pool time to practice swimming skills!

We went out to eat every day!

Why does everyone in Alabama eat out of cardboard trays?

The sunsets continued to be majestic!

It was such a treat to have Courtney with us on Mother's Day!
She treated us to delightful meal at a restaurant right on the Gulf.

Love this lovely daughter so much!

Monday morning saw us all packing up - We were headed to Joe's aunt's house in Buffalo,
Texas, and Courtney was headed back up to Huntsville.

It was a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dauphin Island Sea Lab Estuarium

One of the things we did during the week was visit the Estuarium, which we 
quickly learned is where fresh water and salt water meet.

Joshua loves all things related to the sea, so he was especially excited!
We definitely had a school field trip that day!

We got to see the feeding of the stingrays, which was quite a frenzy!

Ahoy there, Mate!

This was a very fun and educational experience.

We topped the day off with a meal at the Sunset Island Grill and enjoyed 
delicious seafood and enjoyed looking at all the very expensive boats!

Dauphin Island, Alabama......Fun in the Sun!

After we left Courtney's house in Huntsville, we headed south past the city of Mobile, to a
 twelve mile barrier island called Dauphin Island.

It was so nice to see the sand, surf, and seagulls!

Crossing the bridge from the mainland to the island.

A three way stop - the main intersection on the island!

Courtney had bought the boys some beach toys for their birthdays, and
they were more than ready to put them to use!

The "Find Our Rocks" craze was here, too, and the boys found these on the pier.

Our handsome ten year old, Joshua!

Our handsome eleven year old, Isaac!

And my handsome husband, Joe, takes the shortcut to watch the 
evening sunset!

Beautiful white sand!  It felt so good on bare feet!!

One of the many beautiful sunsets we saw.

Wrapping Up!

After graduation, Courtney wanted to go someplace quiet and out of the way of all
the graduating families and crowds.
We went to Jason's Deli and enjoyed a wonderful salad and soup bar outside!
(Except for Joshua who loaded up on spaghetti and meatballs.)

Then Joe worked on her electrical panel with help from Isaac!
'Cause that's what dads do!

The boys continued to enjoy snuggles under Courtney's famous purple blanket.
When Jonathan was in Alabama and would visit Courtney, he always claimed
that for his own!

Courtney began packing for a business trip to San Diego, and we packed up ready
to head south to Dauphin Island!
We'll see each other at the end of the following week!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Graduation Sunday!

It was a PACKED House at the Von Braun
Center, with standing room only!  We got there hours ahead of time and could
only find seats for four on the lower level way up in front of the stage.

Courtney was taking pictures back in the holding room before they ever came out!

It was a lovely day for outdoor photos, which is amazing since Huntsville 
gets 54 inches of rain  a year!

The two MASTERS of the family!
Courtney wanted her dad to bring along his Masters diploma for a special picture

I think that Courtney, who has absolutely LOVED school from the very beginning,
is actually glad to be done!

Well done!