Saturday, December 1, 2018

Joe and Courtney Take on Washington DC!

Courtney had a business trip to Washington DC at the very end of September.
She convinced Joe to fly out to meet her there and to spend the next several days
touring our nation's capital.

So, this post is being turned over to my beloved to tell about this great trip!!!


Thanks to my lovely wife, Anne, for this blogging opportunity with my first-born Courtney.  Since we both have worked in the defense industry, where patriotic spirit is high and history is revered, this trip was a natural.

We began with a tour of the White House, home of the sitting President.  If you look closely,you can see the snipers on the roof; security was everywhere!

After a lengthy security check we were admitted to the first floor interior.

After a long walk with many sights we arrived at the Washington Memorial and the Reflecting Pool,

followed by the Lincoln Memorial. There are so many Scripture references on these memorials that we'd have to sand blast every monument to remove all the evidence that this was formed as a Christian nation!

Sunday morning we attended worship services at the National Cathedral. I found it to be a balm to my soul after worshiping the risen Christ in such majesty.!

Communion Service with my Courtney!

Later Sunday we visited the Smithsonian buildings looking for the Tomahawk Cruise missile our team built!  We found a display board write up, but the missile had been removed for for use elsewhere.  So we captured this display of a high-speed test plane from Northrup instead.

Next up was a solemn visit to Arlington National Cemetery.  It reminds me of Christ's words, "Greater love has  no man than this, that he lay down his life for a brother".  May God bless America and those service members who gave the last full measure for our Liberty

Courtney and I stopped for a Starbucks and reflected! What an experience and fond memories.

Isn't she a beautiful woman!!!  If I were 30 years younger and looking for a great wife, I'd be calling her father for permission ....

Next we were off to the Jefferson Memorial.  The wall behind him is scripture chiseled into stone reflecting this famous leader's deeply held Christian faith.

We took the Metro underground train back to our hotel.  It is quite the experience and an engineering marvel to travel this way.  It seems there are more people underground during day light hours than above ground!

Care to go for a ride and live the life of a mole?

On our third and final day, we went to the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court.

Looking up at the dome from inside.........

Each state gets to display one of its prominent statesman; in this case an astronaut from Colorado who was elected to Congress.

Our third branch of government is the Supreme Court whose job is to determine constitutionality of new laws (contrary to AOT's incorrect knowledge)...

And here is a statue of the first Chief Justice Marshall...

My dear Daughter Courtney made this trip possible by planning everything in advance.  All I had to do was show up with my checkbook.  What a treat to see our nation's capital with my first-born.  Thank you Daughter for a job well done!

In closing this great historical trip, I concur with Benjamin Franklin who said, "The longer I live the more convincing proofs I see that God intervenes in the affairs of man kind..."

Joseph L Krause, Jr., PE
Guest Blogger

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tractor Training For Isaac

It has begun......just barely.
Isaac is eleven and got to help Joe drive the tractor over to a neighbor's house for
minor repairs.  Isaac sat on Joe's lap, but steered most of the way!
They went on back graveled roads and Joe said he did GREAT!

My Trip to Huntsville!

Oh, this Mama's heart was HAPPY indeed!

To be able to see this beautiful daughter pick me up at the Huntsville airport
was good medicine !  I enjoyed  five days with Courtney over the Labor Day
weekend and it was great fun and very relaxing!

One of the highlights was going on the Breakfast Trolley Tour!
We boarded a vintage 1920's trolley and toured the downtown Huntsville historic district.
We heard lots of good history about the Civil War, famous people and families
in Alabama, and of course, the story of Lily Flagg, the milk cow!

Before we boarded, we were treated with a massive blueberry muffin 
 (most of which we both saved) and coffee or water.

Afterwards, we went to Humprey's and ate a delicious brunch outside.
Of course we had Winslow Davis serenading us the background!

On Labor Day, we drove north across into Tennessee and visited 
the Arrington Vineyards.
Since Willcox has become well known in the wine industry, it was interesting
to see a vineyard in the south.
It was gorgeous!

After Courtney sampled several wines, we took our picnic out to the
beautiful fields.  It was so pleasant outside!
Looks like a postcard!

Thanks for the wonderful visit, Courtney!
And for such a rainy part of the country, I (we) always manage to have beautiful
weather when we visit!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Miss Elenna is Three!

Little Miss Elenna is now three!
Isn't she just the cutest?  And she has such a sweet, spunky personality!

We met Rachel at a park and had Elenna open some gifts there.

Yes, Elenna is going to be a BIG SISTER!
Baby Nathan is due on my birthday, February 6!

We had Elenna stay with us several times over the last month and that's always fun.
Isaac and Joshua love to engage her in all sorts of fun play!

Apron goes on when I start to make dinner!

The only picture I got of her on the trampoline when she was STILL!
She loves to jump!

Grandpa is always ready and willing to go for a horse ride!

We  sure do love you, Elenna, and wish you a wonderful year ahead!