Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Monsoon rains come, then all the "stuff" starts to grow.

That means mowing, something we don't have to deal with much of the year.
But for the several months that we have consistent rain, the grass and weeds
grow at an alarming rate!

We also have erosion, caused by quick heavy downpours.
Today's adventure was to fill in a big hole by the edge of the north driveway that was
eroded out from our last big rain.

Discussing the plan with the tractor.....

Isaac has learned to use good hand signals, so Joe knows how far he needs
to go to be able to dump the dirt.

Joshua keeps Willie well out of the way1

Willie decides it's not that interesting and he'd rather rest in the shade!

Excitement's over!  Back to mowing!
(And no, Joshua is not mowing that entire field by hand.....)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monsoons all Around!

Yes, monsoons are all around, and we have been drenched at our house.
Today, though, the downpours were all around us, but we never got a drop!


I love it that our boys have the room to explore and use their

Army men, Knights, Marbles, and Shells!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Stuck in the Mud!

Monsoons have definitely arrived, totally on schedule.
We had beautiful weather on the Fourth of July, and then the very next day the
monsoon weather moved in.
It's fast, heavy, and leaves standing water everywhere!

Since we live on a county maintained dirt road, this always presents a problem
when torrential rains do come our way.
Several years ago Joe's truck ended up in the ditch after several days of 
heavy rain, and he and David had to get the tractor to pull him out.

Last year, Rachel ended up in the ditch!
Another tractor rescue!

This year it was Jonathan's turn.  He has four wheel drive, and can usually get
through when others can't.
Not so fortunate this time!

This morning, Joe got the tractor out and since we hadn't had any more rain
in the last 24 hours, he and Jonathan were able to get his truck out of the
muck fairly easily.

But my goodness, his truck was a mess!

Not two hours later we had another torrential rain, and he decided to head
 back to Tucson immediately!

He has a plane to catch tomorrow!

Basketball Camp!

Isaac and Joshua enjoyed another year at basketball camp, put on by WASA ,
which stands for Willcox Against Substance Abuse.

Coach Downs had several high school young men helping out with the coaching.

These boys LOVE basketball!

Love this Cowboy Creed for the high school!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Jonathan's Horse

Jonathan has had this horse for over a year, and the poor thing does not yet have a name!
He's simply referred to as "Horse".
He's a beautiful Bay, two years old.

So, if anyone has any great suggestions, please send them on!

Girls' Weekend - #5

Beth and I had another fabulous weekend at the La Paloma Resort!
This was our fifth year, and equally as fun and relaxing.

We ate really great food that neither one of us had to cook or clean up.

We took walks along the paths, although we went a bit slower this
year as I am still recovering from my ACL tear.
But by golly, I did walk the paths!

We had such a great time reminiscing, and watching old movies!

I had to include this last picture because it looks like I have palm fronds
growing out of my head........too funny!