Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jonathan's Visit to Dachau

Jonathan's comment on Facebook:

Very sobering to visit this place - glad I got a chance to though. This was a fairly small camp compared to others later built. It was also the first camp constructed, just a few weeks after Hitler came to power.

General information from Wikipedia:

In 1933, the Dachau concentration camp was built east of the city by the Nazis and was operated until 1945. It became the prototype for all other camps. 25,613 prisoners died in the camp and almost another 10,000 in its subcamps.

The prisoners of Dachau concentration camp originally were to serve as forced labor for a munition factory, and to expand the camp. It was used as a training center for SS guards and was a model for other concentration camps. The camp was about 300 m × 600 m (1,000 ft × 2,000 ft) in rectangular shape. The prisoner's entrance was secured by an iron gate with the motto “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work will make you free”). This reflected Nazi propaganda which trivialized concentration camps as labor and re-education camps, when in fact forced labor was used as a method of torture.

Jonathan, these are fabulous pictures......your artistic bent certainly comes through in these.

These are very hard pictures to look at as we remember the incredible evil that took place.  So hard to
imagine that humanity could be so cruel, but we see this kind of brutality even today.  

This is quite a history lesson through the pictures that Jonathan took.  I am so glad he got the opportunity to tour Dachau as he is stationed in Germany at this time.

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  1. I don't think I could go. I couldn't even go to the Holocaust Museum in DC. I'd be a mess. Thanks for sharing. It is good for our young people to know the truth and appreciate freedom.