Tuesday, July 5, 2016

UAH Graduation - Part 2 "Space and Rocket Center"

Courtney had many things lined up for us to do, and one of them was to tour the Space and Rocket Center, which was right next to the campground where we were camped for the week. 
 Many of you know that this is home to Space Camp, which I remember learning about back 
when I taught school!

We spent a good part of the day there, looking at exhibits inside, but also the magnificent rocket displays outside.  We saw an IMAX movie on space exploration which was incredible.

The size of these rockets, and their boosters was quite impressive.  It's amazing to
me that they even get off the ground!

This was a ride that went vertical and then dropped very quickly to show the incredible G-forces that an astronaut experiences.  The screams of the kids and adults could be heard all over the compound!  Courtney had been on this during a previous visit and said she "about lost her cookies"
 and would never go on it again.
Me?  Not a chance................

They had a much smaller version for younger kids and Isaac and Joshua wanted to try it.
This shows happy faces before they were locked in.  The ride only went up so far, but the
terror on both of their faces wasn't pretty.
Not a good memory at all.

We toured the Davidson Center for Space Exploration  and many of the exhibits were fascinating.
It's hard to capture the massive size of the rockets!

Overall, a great field trip for us all!
Thank you, Courtney, for suggesting this!

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