Sunday, July 10, 2016

UAH Graduation - Part 4 "Life at the Campground"

We were not on the go with educational field trips every day, but were able to enjoy 
some days hanging out at the campground and helping Courtney with all those little 
repairs at her new house!

First up?  A new refrigerator and washer/dryer!

On Friday, Jonathan drove up from Ft. Rucker (in southern Alabama) and our dear friends, the 
Doughtys drove their camper from Hot Springs, Arkansas.  They got a RV spot right next to 
us so it was a great time!

The boys were so excited to see Miss Amanda!

Why is it that when any Krause brothers are together an arm wrestle ensues?

On Saturday morning, we all went to one of Courtney's favorite spots for brunch - Humphreys.
The food was delicious and we all enjoyed eating outside and listening to the
beautiful violin music.

Uhmmm, Joe and I got accused of spending too much time on our cell phones!
BUT was Rachel's 23rd birthday and we were sending her a video of the
violinist!  So there.`

Mr. Doughty tried on Jonathan's sunglasses!

We spent some time at Courtney's house and helped her out with house issues, like 
the ceiling fans that had the light bulbs spinning around also!

Isaac swept Courtney's entire house and then helped Joe with plumbing!

When we took the Doughty family by to see her house, the Lowe's truck pulled up.
Perfect timing!
And we all commented that Courtney's dress was color coordinated with 
the Lowe's truck!

Jonathan brought the boys some bubble wands, plus we got some others, so there was
 lots of fun and relaxation at our campsite!

Miss Amanda always had something fun for the boys to do.

Next up!  Graduation!

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