Friday, July 22, 2016

UAH Graduation - Part 5 "The Big Day!"

Oh yes!
The day we have all been waiting for!
Courtney came over to the campground in all her regalia to get pictures
done before the actual ceremony.
Thank you to Mr. Doughty for many of his pictures at the Von Braun Center!

We were all so excited that Jonathan was able to get leave and come join us!

We were so thrilled that the Doughty family was able to come from Hot Springs to join in the festivities!  They were one of the very first families we met when we moved to Arizona almost twelve years ago, and have been great friends ever since!  They now live in Arkansas
and we miss them so much!  We love you guys!

We got to the Von Braun Center early enough to get good seats directly across from 
where the Business Majors would be sitting.

Miss Amanda, the lover of all children.....especially Isaac and Joshua, brought colors, snacks, 
and a deck of cards to keep them entertained during the rather long ceremony!

The graduates start coming in by college!
Courtney was easy to spot because of all of her colorful awards and honors!

The commencement address was given by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

Now on to the graduates receiving their diplomas!
It all went very quickly and smoothly!

After the ceremony, we all went out to dinner to celebrate the
 graduation AND Joshua's eighth birthday!!
Time to relax and enjoy family and friends!


THEN, after the meal, the servers came and sang Happy Birthday to Joshua
and presented him with a big bowl of ice cream!
He was so excited!!

What an incredibly busy and exciting day!  This was a great
culmination of our week in Huntsville to celebrate 
Courtney's great achievements.

We are so proud of you and all the work you have put in, not only at UAH, but
throughout your entire homeschool experience. 
It has been a joy and a privilege to be your teacher all these years!

Courtney - first day of school.  Age 5 1/2

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  1. We loved being there!! Thanks for letting us share in your special day!!! Please come see us again sometime! ;)