Monday, June 27, 2016

UAH Graduation - Part 1 "Getting There"

Courtney's graduation day was Sunday, May 1, so Joe, Isaac, Joshua, and I set out the week before to enjoy some fun time with her and have some special times as family.
 It's a LONG way to Alabama, but the boys did great and we enjoyed the travel.

But before we took off, we loaded a bedroom set that had belonged to my parents to take out
to her.  She is a brand new homeowner and now finally has room for some
nice furniture!  Knowing we were headed into the land of rain, hail, winds, etc., Joe
had to make sure the mattresses were well wrapped and tied down.
What a job!!!
(David was worried about how his hair looked for the picture!)

Finally, all loaded up and ready to take off!  The master engineer does it again!

The boys love to go in the trailer!  We had a much larger 5th wheel when the older
crew was young, but we don't need nearly that much space any more.
The key, whether big or small, is to be ultra organized and pack minimally!!

I forgot to take a picture at the New Mexico state line.
Then we were in to Texas........for a long, long time!

Then Louisiana..............

Then Mississippi.............

and the Navy Circle - which is a family joke that only the Krause Kids will understand!

And finally.............Sweet Home Alabama!!

As we approached Huntsville, the Saturn V rocket came into view.  
What a spectacular landmark to watch for!

FINALLY!!!!!!  After two and a half days of driving, we meet up with Courtney!
So glad to see our special girl again!


The first order of business was to get rid of the mattresses, headboard, and end tables.
So, we headed over to Courtney's new house!

And yes......this is what Arizona boys do when they encounter grass!!!!
Roll away boys!!!!!

Next up - The Space and Rocket Center!!

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  1. Aw how sweet! I'm glad you were able to travel out there. Tell her hello!