Monday, October 29, 2012

Second Post in One Day!

The Musical Instrument Museum has been in Phoenix for two years.  It is an interactive experience that allows you to listen to and see instruments from nations around the world.  It is described as "the most extraordinary museum you will ever hear."
We were given headphones and an "electronic device" that we put in our pockets.  As we moved through each country, we were able to hear audio and view video of the instruments played in their cultural context.
These are shofars from Israel which are the only biblical instrument in continuous use since ancient times.
This was the "restoration room" where repairs were being made on many instruments.
Then we headed into the "Experience Gallery" where we had fun trying out many unusual instruments.  Beth really enjoyed the harp, and I felt that my musical calling was the gong!
By this time we were tired and headed back home and Beth promptly took a nap.  (She had worked on the computer fixing a snarled up Mcafee virus install for two hours prior to today's adventure, hence our slow start this morning.) I worked on the computer and got my things ready to pack..............heading back home tomorrow!  Thanks, Beth, for a great time!

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  1. Hi Anne, What a great museum to visit. Very fascinating! Had to share with you that my daughter and I had just been talking about Kyrgyzstan from her Geography book and then I noticed that Kyrgyzstan was on the wall in one of the pics from your post! Please stop by my blog sometime and say hello.....Teresa