Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time To Catch Up

I haven't posted in quite awhile because life is so........daily.  Things are just plodding along, for the most part, and much of what goes on is not really too interesting!  But for the sake of the grandparents and for Courtney, here are some glimpses of life in our home these days.

This one really made me smile this afternoon! Isaac came to me all decked out and introduced himself as "King Isaac".  I love little boys who use their imagination!

Last weekend was the annual "Rex Allen Days" celebration in the little town of Willcox.  It's a three day celebration, honoring the legendary cowboy singer Rex Allen.  Only Joe and David attended this year, but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Now, Courtney, these following three pictures are for you.  Dad insisted that they be put on the blog so that you can see that your Black Beauty is being well taken care of.

First, Dad installed a new air filter.  Then he recharged the A/C with Freon (a chore CK never had the pleasure of experiencing).

Finally, Dad replaced the broken battery tie-downs and repaired the electrical cables.  See what you missed while away at school!

Okay, moving onto something very sweet.  Joshua, our four year old, tries so hard to be a big boy, but he still has lots of baby in him.  Isaac is definitely the leader of the duo and Joshua is more than happy to follow along and copy everything that Isaac does.  

David is continuing to play baseball and is learning how to balance schoolwork and sports.  He has gotten some practice at pitching and says he really likes it.

Rachel is very busy these days!  She is studying to take the SAT in December and that takes up much of her time.  She is also volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Tucson. She is a tremendous help around the house and blesses her younger brothers in many ways.  Photo shoot coming of her soon!

Joe and I are going to try to get some pictures of the two of us sometime soon.  But for now, this is a quick update on those still here at home!

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  1. Sounds like you all are busy! I'm sure you are missing your girl! The guys look so cute! and are getting so big.