Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counting the Days!

Isaac and Joshua are SOOOOOO very excited for big sister, Courtney, to come home from college!  We decided to make a chain so they could visually see how many days were left.  What should have been a quick little project as part of preschool, turned into a big ol' competition between the two boys.  And when I added the camera into the mix, things deteriorated quickly.  But we did capture the basic idea!

Isaac began to be very distressed that Joshua would DARE to hold an orange strip - Isaac's favorite color.  Time for Mom to intervene.............

Rachel heard the sounds of distress and came into the kitchen to assist with the picture taking.  Not only was Isaac upset about the orange strip, Joshua kept trying to hold it in front of his face!

Notice the change is Isaac's demeanor?  Well, the orange strip has been removed from Joshua's all is well once again.

Joshua, not one to really get worked up, decided to clutch other colors to make Mom and sister happy!

Wow, that was an ordeal!  Courtney, I hope you appreciate your beautiful rainbow chain now hanging in the kitchen to mark the day of your upcoming arrival!

Later that evening, Isaac was the first one to cut off a link - of course you recognize that it is orange - and that the next one is green, Joshua's favorite color.  What I go through to make these little boys happy!

All done!

Counting the days, beloved daughter, until you walk through the front door!  I know two little boys who will be the first to run into your arms!


  1. That same sort of thing happens at our house. I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing your daughter! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So sweet! We did a similar chain for our boys while we were in China. Such handsome boys and I love their preschool antics. We have the same situations in our house, but you can tell by the pictures that siblings are the best of friends even at a young age.