Friday, April 28, 2017

Mom, What Is This?

We were at Walmart the other evening, after a long day in Tucson.
We had stopped to get a few things, and then Joe decided to buy healthy ice cream bars.

So we sat on the benches outside the entrance, right next to this old relic,
which captured the boys' attention right away.

They knew it was a phone, but had no concept of how it worked.

So I had to explain to them that there was life  BEFORE  cell phones, and 
we had to put dimes, then quarters into the phone to talk.

Isaac and Joshua thought it was fascinating and had to try it out!

Hmmmm......wasn't that many years ago that I didn't have a cell phone,
and kept a stash of quarters in my purse just for this purpose.

Time marches on!

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