Thursday, April 27, 2017

28 Years!

Joe and I celebrated 28 years of marriage back in March. 
 I am obviously very behind on my posts!

Rachel was very gracious to watch the boys for us, and Joe and I
enjoyed a nice weekend in Tucson.

We didn't do anything spectacular, just errands, nice meals out, and being able
to talk by ourselves.
Twenty-eight, that's a lot of history between the two of us!

One nice thing we did while we were out is to get my wedding ring fixed.
Two of my Mother's Stones had fallen out - when, I have no idea.
Also, the ring my parents gave to me at high school graduation (yes, I STILL have it after all
these years!) was needing the band fixed as it was wearing very thin and I was so
afraid it would crack in two and I would lose that beautiful ring.

Two weeks, they said, and Joe would pick them both up when they were ready.

One Sunday, several weeks later, we met Rachel and Elenna at our favorite Mexican
restaurant.  After the meal we took some pictures......
and then Joe got down on one knee and presented me with both rings!

It is almost impossible to surprise me, but he certainly got me on this one!
He had already told me that he had been so swamped at work that he hadn't had
time to pick them up.  I believed him.

I am blessed beyond measure with this husband of mine.  God brought him to me all the 
way from Nebraska in most unusual circumstances.
Our life together has not been perfect, and we have had our share of trials, but
with Christ at the center, we have each other's best interests at heart.  We have
had many joys throughout our marriage, and they are made all the better
when we share them together!

Here's to another twenty-eight!

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