Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life Skills with Teacher Joe - aka Dad

Joe and I are SO incredibly opposite in many ways......okay, so in most ways.

When it comes to homeschooling, I make sure all the basics are covered, with
a nice supplement of elective type subjects, especially as the children get older.

Joe supports me in that 100%, but his battle cry is:


So between the two of us, our children have, and still are, getting a very well-rounded
education.  And seeing how handy the older four are at all of these annuity skills,
I guess Joe is right!

Teacher Joe believes in beginning early, and nothing is too hard......or dangerous.

They have started working hard at the apartments.

They also do vehicle maintenance.  This event was changing the shocks.

Isaac and Joshua seem to think this is all great fun - getting filthy, greasy, and laying in the dirt.

Elenna was visiting and decided to hang out on the porch....and watch.

The latest event was sealing the joint where the porch roof meets the roof line.
They love going up on the roof and giving me heart failure......

It's a good thing these boys have both of us.
I predict they will be very successful adults!

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