Sunday, June 1, 2014

Girls' Weekend Getaway!

Boy, did we have a great time!  Some of you know my good friend, Beth, whom I have known since I was fifteen.  Even though we went to college in different states, and then moved around a bit over the years, we have stayed great friends since that time.  It's really funny that we both ended up in Arizona about ten years ago!  She lives in the Phoenix area so this time we decided to split the mileage difference and spend our time together in Tucson.  She found a great "off season" deal at the Westin La Paloma Resort.  You can see how lovely this is!!

This was the view from our patio - the golf course and the beautiful Catalina Mountains.

Here's a beautiful picture Beth took looking down over the whole pool area.  We felt so spoiled all weekend!  You can see why people flock to this area from up north during the winter months!

There were walking paths all over and we enjoyed checking out the whole resort.

And yes, we were goofy enough to take a selfie!!

And even though we were in this swanky resort, we got a big laugh out of the archaic looking
 phone that didn't have a cord!

The rest of my photos are just beautiful shots of the area.  We had a GREAT time and decided
to make this a yearly tradition!

Well, Beth and I have been friends for a long time - here's to us having a girl's weekend
 when we are in our 80's!

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  1. Oh, I love it! My friend and I are planning a getaway. Soon...but not soon enough. I'm glad you had fun! I specially love the last picture. Made me chuckle out loud this morning.