Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We love to have bonfires at our house!  We have several long stretches of concrete irrigation
ditches that are not long being used, and they make the perfect setup for roasting hot dogs,
 marshmallows, etc.

Even when the temperature reaches 100* during the day, once the sun goes down the temperature
plummets - one of the best things about living in a desert region!

Here, the boys are learning the skill of setting up the tepee!

Joe's new toy, "The Dragon", which he uses most of the time for burning tumbleweeds
 that build  up in the ditches.  But it sure makes a good fire starter, too!

By the time the fire was built up and the hot dogs were cooking, it was too dark.  But we
 had a beautiful sunset as usual!

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  1. What a wonderful tale -- life on the farm has its benefits.