Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little Bit of This and That!

Our local library's summer reading program is in full swing!  The theme this year is science related and Isaac and Joshua have really enjoyed it.  Of course there are the traditional rewards for a certain number of books read, but hey, getting cotton candy when you go to the library is an extra treat!

We had a nice Father's Day here at home and made Joe feel special!  When we first got married
he never would have believed that he would have six children!  You are a great dad, Joe!!

It was such a treat to drive into Tucson and see my mom and dad, and to wish him a
 happy Father's Day, too!

Continuing on..............living in the country as we do, boots are mandatory.  But considering how
little rainfall  we get each year that seems strange, doesn't it?.  But they are so handy for the boys
to throw on anytime we are outside - for work or play!

And yes, speaking of our lack of rainfall, we do get lovely little high desert flowers each spring!

David has been enjoying his break from school, but admitted that he is looking forward
to the beginning of school in August.  Wow, a sophomore already!

He's being doing some tractor work for Joe once again, which we refer to as "Country Driver's Ed".  All of our children have learned to drive the tractor first and the older three have become good, safe, drivers. 
 We have seen great improvement in David's skills since last summer - this year his rows are nice and 
straight compared with last year!

Speaking of David, he is off to QUEST - a month long camp for young men.  He went there last year
and had a really great time.  He is spending this week before camp with Joe's aunt and uncle
in Texas.  Here he is, just arriving today!  Have a great time David!


  1. The boys look like they are having fun with the reading program. We enjoyed Tucson's reading program when we were little. Best wishes on David's adventure with QUEST. David may see us on Saturday noon, when we take Ashley home. Joe, nice shirts and tie cards for father's day. Very clever!
    Doughty Family

  2. Our reading program at the library is nothing like yours.....But, it was when Jordan was little. Fun memories. And David! He seems like a man in that big tractor. I'm glad he is doing well and looking forward to school and camp again. Your littles look like lots of fun, especially in their cute boots. We have mud/rain boots for the girls. They really do come in handy. I hope the wedding plans all fall into place. We have a wedding exactly one month from today. I can't wait to get it all behind us!

    PS: I cannot imagine living where there is so much dirt. I'm so used to all the greenery around here. Enjoy your summer!