Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Rachel's Been Doing These Days

Rachel never seems to be on my blog.........because she is not around much!  She is truly the busy college girl, with new classes this semester, her job at the hospital, and being on the worship team at Calvary Chapel Sahuarita.  Funny that she missed every bit of work on the thirty trees that we just planted.....................

Rachel is truly a warm-weather girl.  Actually, all of our older three are - maybe because their early years were in Nebraska and their systems had enough of the frigid winter temps!  Jonathan would put a stocking hat on if it got down to 60*.  Courtney loves the warmth of Alabama, too.  Not too great of a chance of any of them relocating to Minnesota!  Anyway, Rachel has declared that she is "done with winter" and ready for hot weather once again.

Off to class!  She is taking accelerated Anatomy and Physiology 1 this first eight weeks and then Course Number 2 the second eight weeks.  Rumor has it that the class is brutal.  Now not everyone can go to class in shorts in January, can they?

Rachel has been working some night shifts - sounds grueling, but when you are young you can get by with it. Plus, it allows her to get some studying done if all the patients are sleeping.

Hmmmm, not the greatest of clear photos, but it will have to do.

Oh, and by the way, Rachel passed her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) exam on Saturday!  Congratulations Rachel!  We knew you could do it!

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