Monday, January 13, 2014

Random January Happenings

What a boring blog title!  But I am dumping the last remaining "publishable" photos from my phone onto the blog, so what else could I title it?  So here is the radomness of our lives.............

Isaac and Joshua are sure enjoying the new swingset!

Chilly, and wet boys............long story, but disobedience, water, cool evening temps all played a part!

Isaac, especially, really makes me laugh.  I can be working hard around the house, dealing with schoolwork, etc., and Isaac walks into the room looking like this, and I just burst out laughing.  He is really a funny and imaginative little guy!

We are planting thirty, yes THIRTY, evergreen trees along our driveway.  Joe and David are doing the bulk of the work, but my job is to keep them watered and upright until they can get into the ground.  They are supposed to be fast growing and drought-tolerant, which works well for us!

Joshua, enjoying an impromptu Sonoran hot dog on the way home from church yesterday.  You have to love that Arizona blue sky and sunshine!

And last of all, thinking of our oldest who will be 23 years old on the 15th.  Wow, I still remember the day she was born, vividly!  Life is certainly a vapor as the Bible says!  I love you so much Courtney and am so glad you are our daughter!  Happy Birthday two days early!

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  1. What beautiful children you have! And the weather! Could you send some over to the UK? We've had nothing but rain for months!