Monday, January 6, 2014

We Have a Cannon Ball in Our Yard!

Now before any of you think there has been a military attack on southeastern Arizona, I need to explain. This is not a current news event, but an historical one that I wanted to document just for fun!

Joe and I have been married almost 25 years.  My parents moved to Florida full-time right after that and my dad passed on the legendary cannon ball to Joe at that time.  We have taken that responsibility very seriously and it has been relocated to five different homes - three in Nebraska, and two in Arizona!

Now you are probably wondering where the cannon ball came from?  I was born in the Philippines while my dad served time in the Navy.  Here is the story from him:

In 1957 we were living in a walled in compound, with a guard, in Cavite City in the Philippines.  The compound, called Certesa Court, was where the Japanese high command lived when they occupied the Philippines during WWII.  During that time they were building a new apartment building for officers on the base at Sangley Point Naval Air Station.  In the process of finishing the project they uncovered the cannon ball in the front yard of our soon to be apartment.  It had to have come, we think, from the Spanish American War in 1898 under the command of Commodore Dewey.  I thought is was interesting and so we brought it home when we returned to the US.  We kept it until we moved to FL when we entrusted it to the care of Joe.  So, there you are.

It's a miracle that it hasn't cracked in two during all of our moves, but it is always located in a rather inconspicuous place so that children don't find it to play with it, or when we lived in town to keep it from getting stolen!  Hopefully, it's in its permanent resting place until we pass it on to one of our children who we deem worthy to carry on the family legacy!

So, if you ever come to our house to visit, feel free to see if you can find the cannonball!  

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