Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rex Allen Days Parade 2013!

Rex Allen, also known as the "Singing Cowboy", was from our small town.  So every year on the first weekend in October, we have "Rex Allen Days".  One of the big highlights is the parade, where for an hour, everything from 18 wheelers, tractors, horses, and midget cars, go down the streets of town.  Candy is thrown to all the kids and it is a great time.  This morning was no exception! 

( Rachel stayed home to study for a big test on Monday, and Joe and David were down the street talking with friends.........the boys and I had to be curbside to be ready for all of the no pictures of the others this time! )


We had the high school marching band and cheerleaders,

the mayor,

fancy cars carrying unknown to me, but supposedly famous people!

There were lots and lots of horses!

There were interesting floats,

the DUI Task Force???? 
 I guess when it's a small town parade, anybody can be in it to make it last longer!!

The boys were especially thrilled when the semis came through - they had never been this close to one.  Joshua can't smile too well because his cheeks were bulging with Tootsie Rolls!

And then my personal favorite, the local tomato factory float - it's not everyone who goes to a parade and comes home with a two pound box of cherry tomatoes!  The best ever................!!

Then to finish things off, here come the tractors, very small horses, crazy men driving around in little yellow cars, and a clown.  My, what a parade!

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  1. It was lots of fun on saturday!
    I"m so glad you guys moved back here!!!!!!!

    Hannah <3