Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Kittens and Roses

October is one of my favorite months in Arizona.  The intense heat is gone, the nights are chilly, but the days are still mild.  We are in that stage of change-your-clothes-three-times-a-day!

After moving back to the farm, one of the big requests from Isaac and Joshua was to get kittens again.  Well, Rachel came through for of the nurses at the hospital mentioned that she needed to get rid of kittens, so Rachel snatched them up for us.  We started with four, but one ran off and we can't find him/her anywhere!  So with no further ado.......................

Meet Snowball!

and Shadow!

And Helen #2

When we had cats before, the older children named them all after characters on The Andy Griffith Show.  Helen was one of their favorites and gave us two litters of kitties.  This kitten has the same coloring.  We're not sure Helen is really a girl, but hey.......when you are five and six it doesn't matter!

The nurse that Rachel got the kittens from said they are all boys, so they may not be around very long, but we will enjoy them while they are here!  You will notice that Joshua is not holding them in any pictures!  He thinks they are cute, but does NOT want to hold them - once he saw those razor sharp little claws his decision was made!  And of course, Buffy and Willy (the dogs) are penned up and practically frothing at the mouth seeing these little fur balls run around!

Yes, we have roses in October!

Well, it's time to go check on the kittens!

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