Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Visit to Apple Annie's!

We live in a valley that yields really, really good produce!  No, it doesn't rain much at all, but if you give crops the water they need, the result is spectacular.  There are a number of "you-pick-it" farms around here and people drive from far and near to pick apples, pears, peaches, veggies, and pumpkins........and the best sweet corn you have ever tasted!  One of the most popular farms is "Apple Annie's" which is about two miles from our house. They actually have two locations - one for the orchard and the other is for vegetables. We live right in between the two!  The boys and I stopped there the other day on the way home from the library to pick some apples.

First we get a wagon and a picking pole.

Then we headed down the path toward the Rome Beauties.

Not a very flattering picture, but yes............we had to sample a few!

Measuring Joshua..............

and Isaac!

And we ended our day with a visit to the kitchen to buy some apple doughnuts - sorry, no pictures............................they got eaten too quickly!

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