Thursday, September 12, 2013

OBT - Part Six -Texas!

I have been a very unfaithful blogger, and as as the keeper of family records and events, I had better get moving or I am going to lose the few followers that I have!! 

After we left Courtney in Alabama, we headed west towards Texas to spend several days with Joe's aunt and uncle who live in the small town of Buffalo.  There is just something about crossing the Mississippi River and being on the "other side" once again that is so familiar and restful.......less traffic, less people, and just more comfortable.  It's all what you are used to, I'm sure.

Joe's aunt and uncle have a beautiful home in the country and it was so nice to just catch our breath and breathe after so many events that had deadlines........we could just relax and regroup for a few days.

The "men" had fun feeding the horses and David really enjoyed driving the Gator around the property.  Gee, doesn't everyone look really rested now?  Ahhhhhhhh.......

Yes, that's me out in the pasture with the horses.  I think horses are beautiful to look at and are very picturesque out in the fields, but I have no interest in getting on one - this is about as close as I care to get!

Watching horse training in action with the relatives after a wonderful cook-out.  This brought back so many fond memories of Jonathan and his horse training days.

I guess I was so busy being relaxed that I never did get many pictures!  This is the only one I got of Joe's Aunt Lee Gayle and Amber, Cousin Robbie's wife.  Sorry ladies!

When we pulled out of Buffalo, we left David there to spend a week "on the ranch".  He was getting ready to attend ATI Quest Camp, held in Big Sandy, Texas in just ten days' time.  Joe's aunt and uncle graciously let him stay with them and then they took him to camp.  He had a great time with being their "only child"  and had a blast at camp - more about that later!  Anyway, Isaac and Joshua were getting very concerned at this point, because at every stop we made, we dropped off a sibling!  Jonathan at Ft. Lee, Rachel at the Richmond Airport, Courtney at UAH, and now we were leaving David in Texas.  However, their concerns melted right away when we stopped here............

The Russell Stovers Candy Factory and Outlet Store in Corsicana, Texas!

Boxes and boxes of "bloopers" at a fraction of the cost.  Plus, there were lots of samples to be had!

It's probably a good thing we don't live too close to this.......................could be a problem for all of us!

So, as we headed back towards home, the terrain became increasingly drier.....and drier......

and drier................The land may be barren, but I sure do like the dry air and deep blue skies of the Southwest!

The dogs were in fine shape (thanks, Hannah!) and were very glad to see us.  Even Willie, Rachel's dog, who made numerous escapes was still around and happy.

So good to be back home, safe and sound!  We felt like we had been gone two months rather than a little more than two weeks. But it was a GREAT trip and we will all have wonderful memories for years to come!

PS:  Anybody notice anything unusual about David's red t-shirt?


  1. I'm sure it seemed like a whirlwind of a trip. I love the scenery. I have never been to the Southwest, but would sure love to visit. Funny how we love what we are so used to. I love the mountains and couldn't imagine living elsewhere.

  2. You are a much more faithful blogger than I am. David's shirt- Nebraska is spelled wrong! (: Love seeing the awesome time you all had. You always have some of the best scenery.

  3. I love GREEN. Mountains are beautiful but I NEED green. I can't imagine living in the southwest. However, I have numerous friends and SOMEDAY I'm going to visit. :D
    Is it because David has Nebraska on his shirt? Glad he had a good time at camp.

    1. I love the green, too, Holly, and sometimes miss it so badly! But the migraines that come with weather are not worth it. So we make do with what we have and enjoy the unique beauty of Arizona. Look carefully at David's shirt = Nebraska is spelled with two r's. He got the shirt as a gift from someone and I think he had it a good three to four months before anyone noticed the error. Actually, it was Jonathan who spotted it first!

  4. Maybe it isn't a misspelling and is more of a joke? Ne -brr- aska ?