Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching up on Summer 2013

The summer of 2013 has been incredibly busy with many changes for everyone going on.  I am going to hit some of the highlights of the last month or two.

David spent a month in Big Sandy, Texas, attending the Quest Camp.  What a marvelous experience for young men, ages 14-18 as they learn life skills, discipline in many areas, and a deeper Christian walk.  David got a CD with over 1,000 pictures on it, but here are just a few.

Joe's Aunt Lee Gayle, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Laura (who drove down from Oklahoma) took David to camp.

David and his roommate, Marcus, who was from Kansas City.

Kind of blurry, but a great picture of David at the end of camp.

Aunt Lee Gayle and Uncle Bob surprised David by driving up for the closing ceremony and banquet!

Okay, moving on...........having fun installing a new tarp for the trampoline.

We took Isaac and Joshua to Apple Annie's, our local U-Pick-It that is about five minutes away from our farm.  We didn't do a garden this year, so the boys had a great time picking out vegetables, and of course buying their famous, absolutely incredible sweet corn!

Joshua brings in a squash!

Rachel took the boys out for a photo shoot last week and got some really great shots!

Well, there's lots more summer happenings to come: school, football, a loose tooth, bunk beds, and yes..........a very large snake! 

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  1. David looks so grown-up! Can't wait to hear the rest.