Thursday, July 25, 2013

OBT - Part Five - Back in Alabama!

We stopped in to see Courtney as we headed back west towards home.  She is a summer RA and was able to put us up in her very luxurious summer dorm.  Dorm-life has certainly changed since I was in college! Private rooms, semi-private bathrooms, living room, and a kitchen area!  It was great to see her again and get a really great night's sleep! The UAH campus in Huntsville is truly beautiful and Courtney gave us a nice tour.

As we were walking, Courtney was looking for the perfect set of trees to introduce us all to her new hobby of "hammocking".  Apparently it's quite the rage among many of the students, and she was adamant that we would absolutely love i!  Okay!  We're game!  Let's get this thing hooked up!

I was a little skeptical after Joe got in it - I felt like it was a casket viewing at a funeral..............except he kept smiling!!  He was so comfortable we almost couldn't get him out of the hammock!

Wow, this was really amazing!  Swaying gently, looking up at the pine trees with a pleasant breeze..........I easily could have fallen asleep and stayed there for hours.  This is definitely going to be something Joe and I want to get for ourselves!

Thanks, Courtney, for arranging such a wonderful (and restful) two days for us.  We felt recharged and ready for our next stop..............TEXAS!!


  1. The hammock looks great. What kind does she have? I guess I need to get out more, because I had no idea this was the new thing.

  2. I'd love to have a hammock! They seem so cozy. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your daughter. It looks lovely there.