Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grand Canyon Adventure!

Joe and David had a marvelous time at the Grand Canyon and really enjoyed some much needed father-son time!  They came back with beautiful pictures.....................enjoy!

Yes, my thoughts exactly!

David took this looking over the edge.  That's quite a drop off to certain death!  And yes, people still die while visiting the Grand Canyon - most are trying to get a dramatic photo shoot.

They met quite a few people on the trail - most were from other countries!

Great sign!  I'm sure I could get down a bit.............but back up?  That's the hard part! Joe and David had some serious sore leg muscles the next day!

One of my favorite pictures that David took - good photography, my boy!

A great picture of my sweetie!  Thanks for taking David on such a great trip!


  1. Beautiful! This is one of Kenton's dreams, to take the kids out west and see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Tetons(He's still kind of ticked that we missed them to see Yellowstone.)
    Some of that photography gives me the creeps! I'm really not that wild about heights.
    So glad they had a good time. How'd you do without them?

    1. It was wonderful.............just the little boys and me. Totally structured, the evenings to myself. It was a nice break!