Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Ball!

David's fall baseball season is in full swing.  They have had several practices and clinics, but yesterday was their first game.  It was a beautiful Arizona morning, with cooler temps, a beautiful blue sky, and a gentle breeze.  Gorgeous weather!  This was a beautiful field right next door to the University of Arizona baseball stadium.

Joe was trying to show Isaac and Joshua where David was........kind of hard to understand when all the players are wearing the same clothes!

Here is David up to bat - he got several good hits and has really improved in his skills since last spring.

David started out in left field and then got moved to first base.  He and another teammate had a really great play and got the opposing runner out!

Group can tell it was windy.  My goodness, hasn't David gotten tall and broad?

Now, the little boys were weary of watching the game, uh...........playing in the dirt, so once the game ended we walked over to the park and around the lake for a bit. It was a beautiful day! What a sweet picture of the little boys - and wow, there is green grass!  Quite an opportunity for a photo shoot!

Heading over to the park -  Joshua was worn out already and needed help from David!

We walked around this beautiful lake and I just had to take another picture of my tall son!

Isaac had no fear in walking across the rocks of this waterfall with Joe.  Joshua was scared to death, and much preferred watching from a nice comfortable rock!

To wrap things up, we walked through a lovely rose garden.  However, I think the roses were suffering a bit from the heat of the summer - but they were still beautiful to look at.  There was a lady there collecting dead petals to give to the nearby zoo.  Apparently the elephants and giraffes love them and the zookeepers use them as "candy" to help get medications down.

That wraps up our Saturday adventure!  We got pizza on the way home, watched the last ten minutes of the Alabama game, and then David watched a re-run of the Nebraska game.  I would say it was a very good day!

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