Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer Wrap-Up!

My blogging efforts have gone by the wayside this past year, so I am going to try to
 madly catch up and then......stay on track!
We went to a wonderful family reunion back in June, but that will be another post
all by itself.

So here goes.
Summer 2016

My dear friend, Beth, and I met in Tucson again for our yearly getaway at the
 Westin La Paloma Resort.
It was so nice to gab, watch movies, and reminisce about the old days!!

A neighbor moving cattle from one field to another.

Little Miss Elenna's first Fourth of July!

The Benson parade......

The firemen's tug-of-war.....

Hot and sweaty - and wet - boys!

and another one of Elenna, because she is so cute.....

David's become a Jayhawk fan.....much to my delight!

Rachel took Elenna to the pool several times this summer and she loved it!

Isaac and Joshua learned new skills with Dad....

Vacation Bible School at one of the local churches....

Lunch out together before school starts.......

It was a crazy, busy summer for sure!

I am continually and amazed - and thankful - for the beauty that surrounds our home.
It's truly our little piece of paradise.

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