Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rachel's Nursing Graduation !

Actually, it's called a Capping Ceremony!

Yes!  We had two graduations this past spring!
What a joy it was to see this daughter
of ours become an RN!

She worked so hard and went through some
incredibly challenging times (including
an emergency C-Section three days before classes started this
time last year).
Now that's perseverance!

The ceremony was lovely, with such encouragement from the nursing
instructors.  Their love and support was so apparent as they talked about
the role of a nurse and these young people's futures.

The LPNs were recognized first, then the RNs.

I was in the back with Elenna in the stroller, so the majority
of these photos were taken by Joe, the very proud dad!!

The gathering of students before they walked down toward the stage.

The next big hurdle was for Rachel to pass the state boards.....which she did.
Then she worked hard at applying for a job......which she got.

And here she is now, a cardiac nurse at Tucson Medical Center!!

First day of work!

We are so proud of you!!

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  1. That is all so wonderful. I'm sure it's worth al that hard work. You sure have been busy this summer.