Friday, January 8, 2016

More Wild Weather - SNOW!!!!


In Arizona?  Not unheard of, but definitely a rare occurrence for sure.
Our elevation here in our small town is about 4200' so we have four mild seasons.
We get snow flurries on occasion, but to get several inches that stick is indeed rare.

I went outside before  the sun peeked out this morning to capture the beautiful snowfall that we had
last evening and into last night.

Yes, this is how I went outside.  Flip flops were handy..........

Isaac and Joshua were so excited to head outside!
Taking the trash out became a new and wonderful adventure - ha ha!  I've never
seen them this excited for a trash run!

The snow was beautiful on our row  of evergreens.

No, I did not walk out to the trash in my flip flops - I put on my boots!

When the sun started to peak through, it was magical!

Even though it has warmed up, and most of this has melted.....into mud, it was a great 
morning, and made two boys VERY HAPPY!

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