Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saturday Visitors!

Our dear friends, the Doughty's, came by on Saturday and what a wonderful visit it was!  They moved to Arkansas last year and this was another trip back to Arizona to finalize all the clean-up of their home.  Unfortunately, Nancy was not able to come and she and Grandma Parker were much missed!  It was a short visit, but we made the most of their time here!

Ashley, now 17 - how can this be?!!

And Saturday was Amanda's 15th birthday!  We tried to make her visit extra special!

Isaac and Joshua were so excited to see Ashley and Amanda!  They made birthday cards
 for Amanda, which she enjoyed very much!

Joe and Rick - great brothers in Christ!

Having fun with new hairstyles........

getting ready to blow out 15 candles..............

and just generally ending our time together by being VERY goofy!

Thanks, Doughty's, for stopping by!  It's always a great time when 
we get our families together!

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