Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Lake Adventure!

Back in mid-October, our family had a wonderful weekend with two other families at Lake Pleasant, which is north of Phoenix.  It was quite a drive for us to get there, but well worth it!  
It was so much fun and the weather was glorious!

The Krauses, the McHolms, and the Camerons - great friends and a great time! 

The McHolm's boat and one of their jet skis.

David and Juan had a lot of fun puttering around in the fishing boat.  They tried to catch some
fish, but were unsuccessful!  Maybe next time........!

Mr. McHolm at the helm!

The boys had so much fun!  You'll notice how Joshua is clutching his hat - this is after Isaac's
 hat blew off in the wind, never to be seen again!

Someone was chasing the boat on a jet ski!

David and Juan had a blast on the tubes trying to knock each other off.  I think the final 
score was 3-2 with Juan winning!

Then David got on with Isaac and Joe with Joshua, and the boat slowed way down for them.
They both got dunked and went under water.  They were both very brave, but Joshua
had had enough at that point.  Isaac?  Desperate to do it over and over again!  What a wild man!

Then Joe got his turn at water skiing - he enjoyed it so much when he was in Arkansas 
with David this past August, and was ready to do it again!

David got to try again and did much better than he had done this summer!  He had to
learn to not be so impatient in trying to get up!

Becky and I had so much fun visiting and making sure that no one went hungry!

We all packed up mid-day on Sunday.  David was a big help!

So was Isaac!

The Camerons had already left by this time, so we didn't get any further pictures
 with them......maybe next time!

All in all, a great family weekend with lots of fun and adventure!


  1. My family loves spending time on the water. It looks like you had fun, too! Wonderful for family bonding. :)

  2. Hi, Anne! It is great to see your beautiful family! God is so good and evidently blessing you richly! Glad to meet you on FB!! I'm following your blog now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline! I enjoy your encouraging words on FB!

  3. Great family fun;