Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sixty Years!

September 4, 1954

Sixty years ago today, my dear parents were married in the First Methodist Church of Lawrence, Kansas. My mom always told me it was 104* that day and the church was un-air conditioned!  
After just experiencing Rachel and David's wedding, I cannot imagine how everyone dealt 
with the extreme heat!

Don't they look young here?  They were both 23 at the time.  We have always laughed and
said that my dad looks about twelve years old in these pictures!

My grandparents, Williams, on the left, and Carey on the right.  I miss them.

I have the article out of the "Society" section of the Lawrence Journal Star.  It goes into great detail on what the bride, the mothers, the bridesmaids, etc all wore.  The flower bouquets, as well as the sanctuary decorations are described in great detail!

"Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a snowy white gown of Chantilly lace and nylon
 tulle, fashioned with an illusion yoke, etched in scalloped medallions........Her veil of illusion
fell from a half-hat of lace.  She carried a bouquet of white carnations and stephanotis."

Many years passed filled with happiness, and yes, sorrow, sickness and health..  We had a lot of great times as a family, and always enjoyed doing things together.  We had great vacations and those are some of my favorite memories - Longboat Key, Florida!!

Here they are sometime in the 1990's.

At 83, they moved from Florida to Tucson this past spring.  That was a hard move for them,
 but we are so glad to be closer together and to get to see each other more often!

And the crowning moment?  They were able to see Rachel and David get married - what
a joy!  They got to spend time with Courtney, too, on her short visit, and are looking forward 
to seeing their soldier grandson, Jonathan, when he comes for a visit sometime this winter!

Happy 60th Anniversary to the most wonderful parents ever!!

I love you both so much!


  1. How sweet! I had Williams for grandparents as well - could we be cousins??? (Just kidding - I know it is a common last name)
    It is always good to remember the sweet memories of the past and I know your parents are blessed to be nearer to you during these years.


    1. Hey there, Cousin Ronda! I'll count you as a relative any day!