Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's Starting to Look Like Fall!

The monsoon rains are over, the temperatures are cooling down, and in our little part of Arizona it's starting to have that "Autumn-look".  I love it!  The little boys are in the throws of school and AWANA, David is enjoying his sophomore year and being on the football team, and the pigweed is on it's way out!  Joe and David are so allergic to that nasty weed, so we all rejoice when we see it finally withering and turning brown.

Our two cats and two dogs have reached a mutually agreeable truce.  Here is Willie, the dog and Cocoa, the cat eyeing each other - and you can see leaves on the ground!

Here is Buffy, Jonathan's dog, who will be eleven this January, enjoying a good chew on a
bone.  Jan Karon, in her Mitford series refers to Father Tim's aging dog as "The Old Gentleman". This fits Buffy perfectly.  Can't wait to see what he does when Jonathan returns sometime
this winter!  It should be a grand reunion for sure!

Joshua and Isaac - I am constantly amazed at the progress these two have made.  Living in an orphanage for the first two and half years of their lives is not a good way to start out, but they are resilient, joyful, and enjoy life! They are truly happy little boys, brothers, and best friends!

Isaac LOVES animals, especially the kittens!

I caught David and Joe in the middle of their mowing and tractor work.

And David is sporting a brand new bike!  Isn't that snazzy?!! did he go from a Nebraska shirt to an Alabama shirt in a matter of minutes?
Just noticed that......

You can see the leaves beginning to yellow.

And last of all, Isaac is learning to mow! *Sigh*  My little baby boy is growing up!

So this is a glimpse into our lives this lovely fall weekend!

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  1. A great overviewof life on the farm!