Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Visit to Arkansas!

After Joe picked David up from QUEST in Texas, they headed to Arkansas to visit some very
 dear friends who moved there in the spring.  They had a great time, and got to enjoy the green,
 the  rain, and a boat ride on a nearby lake.

Thank you, Ashley, for letting me borrow  some of your great pictures!

David, you look entirely too comfortable at the helm of that boat!

We have known the Doughty family since we moved to Arizona in 2005......let's see, that would
 make Amanda and David both around five and six at the time, and Ashley would have been 
around eight.  It's been fun to see all of you grow up! 

Come on, Amanda!  You can hang on! What a look of determination!

Ashley, enjoying the ride!  Great picture of you, my dear!

David and his very first attempt at water can probably imagine how it went!

Mr. Doughty, you have a little devilish look to you......!!  Were you the one driving when David
 "attempted" to get up on skis?????

  "Hmmmmm, I could make this a VERY interesting ride for David!  Should I - or shouldn't I?"

Joe, after his three-minute victory session on water skis!  Way to go!!

Amanda, aka "Surfer Girl" - I think you had a really good time!  Great picture of you, also!

After the fun on the lake experience, you all look a bit worn out!

Amanda, David (under duress, obviously) and Ashley!

Ashley went to STEP in June, the young ladies' version of the camp that David went to in July.

 Ashley required a picture of the two ATI graduates - thank you Ashley!

And......since David gave her so much grief about this, Ashley posted a picture of the two of them from 2008 to show that nothing much has changed - ha ha!!

Thanks again, Doughty family, for making my men feel so welcome!  They had a GREAT time!!

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  1. Our thanks to you! It was wonderful having the men here-we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
    God's Blessings on R+D's wedding! We miss you!