Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rachel's Last Day at Starbucks!

This being Rachel's last day at Starbucks, we decided to stop by this afternoon and be paying customers.  I haven't been to Starbucks since we were in China during Joshua's adoption back in 2011.  Not a big fan of coffee here at all..............., but Rachel told me I would LOVE this drink that she recommended - and she was right!  It was a Cookie Crumble Something and was most delicious.  As expensive as they are, I can't imagine stopping by there several times a week like some people do.  Give me a Diet Mountain Dew any day.

And since there was more than would fit in the cup, the boys got to sample the extra.

We sat there for awhile and admired Rachel as she dealt with customers.  She came by with a few samples that, of course, we had to try.  Dinner at Starbucks for me!

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  1. ::sniff sniff:: I know the feeling. It is so crazy to think I'm a mother-in-law! It seems to happen so quickly, and now, life is zooming by. Makes me enjoy my little ones a little more. Have fun!

    I LOVED those monsoon pictures.