Saturday, May 17, 2014

David is 15 !

David is the last birthday of four-in-a-month.  Whew..........., but we still try to make it special.  When Joe was in Alabama back in February for Jonathan's ATC graduation, he got this sweatshirt for David - to be from him and Jonathan.  Unfortunately, it was just the right size with no room to grow.  So I sent it back and they were so kind to send us a bigger size.

David leaves for the bus at 6:45 am, so he is barely awake here.  But we wanted  him to open it
before he left for school.

Okay, he's had a full day of school................are you a little more awake, David?

Rachel's David came over for the evening, which was an added bonus.  Wow, two Davids in one family....

Ice cream and cake - just what young boys need right before bed!!

Joe in the background with his traditional "Happy Birthday" on the guitar.

Yes, Rachel, we are all going to miss you!


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